Board of Directors

Bobby Musacchio


After starting in production at Syracuse Sausage more than 25 years ago, Bobby now oversees all aspects of the company’s operations, including production, distribution, product development, and quality assurance. Hot Italian sausage is still one of his favorite foods

Anthony Musacchio

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

With over three decades of experience at Syracuse Sausage, Anthony directs sales and customer service, maintaining close relationships with chefs, purchasing directors, and CEOs of major foodservice companies. He shares his brother’s love of hot Italian sausage.

Billy Rosenthal

Penrose Group, LLC

In 1995, Billy Rosenthal re-established Standard Meat Company, which his grandfather had founded in 1935. He also helped establish CTI Foods and KPR Holdings, a diversified food manufacturing company. Billy is chairman of Penrose Group, LLC (see below), and he loves jalapeño cheese sausage.

Ben Rosenthal

Penrose Group, LLC

After a stint with Goldman Sachs, Ben (son of Billy Rosenthal) is now managing partner at Penrose Group, providing strategic direction and negotiating investment opportunities. Ben is financial director of both Syracuse Sausage and Standard Meat, and—like father, like son—he enjoys jalapeño cheese sausage.

Steve Hudgins

Penrose Group, LLC

After starting his career in banking, Steve joined Penrose Group in 2011 as Chief Investment Officer. He manages the firm’s private investment portfolio and is a partner with the Rosenthals in various endeavors. Steve is also a fan of jalapeño cheese sausage.

Howard Katz

Penrose Group, LLC

Howard Katz began his food service career with the original Standard Meat Company in 1978, then went on to help found Kettle Cooked Foods, KPR Foods, Concord Kitchen, and CTI Foods. He is currently a partner in the re-established Standard Meat. Howard’s choice of sausage is all-beef Wagyu hot dogs.

Key Team Members

Michelle Tittor

Director of Operations

With an MS in Meat Science and certifications in Advanced HACCP, BRC, Lean manufacturing, and TQM, Michelle brings Syracuse Sausage invaluable technical expertise and broad food-service experience, focused on quality assurance, food safety, and process efficiency. Old #14 is her go-to sausage.

Dennis Durkee

Plant Manager

Native New Yorker Dennis came to Texas at Bobby’s invitation in 1990. Since then, he has managed the Syracuse Sausage plant, overseeing production as well as research and development. Hot Italian sausage, jalapeño sausage—Dennis loves anything extra hot.

Lori Akins

Director of Accounting

Before joining Syracuse Sausage as director of accounting, director of human resources, and payroll specialist, Lori taught accounting and computer science in Texas public schools, and then served as accounting manager for Frontier Waterproofing. She is partial to breakfast sausage.

Nancy Bland

Director of Sales

Currently director of sales for Syracuse Sausage, Nancy was formerly director of purchasing for Le Duff America and TGI Fridays, as well as senior director of multi-branding for the Yum! Brands purchasing co-op. Nancy loves maple breakfast sausage.

Anita Marsin

Director of Quality Assurance

Anita has over 20 years of experience in food-industry quality assurance, including with ConAgra, Anheuser-Busch, and Bob Evans Farms. She holds certifications in HACCP, SPC, GFSI, Quality Systems Implementation, Advanced Sensory Evaluation, and Lean manufacturing. Anita is a fan of breakfast sausage—especially maple.


Ashli Rosenthal Blumenfeld

Penrose Group, LLC

As creative director at Penrose, Ashli oversees marketing and sales for the group’s operating companies. She researches food trends and consumer behavior, and, in collaboration with Chef Regan Wright, research chef at Penrose, she leads menu ideation and product development. Ashli favors jalapeño cheese sausage.

Chef Regan Wright

Penrose Group, LLC

A Culinary Institute of America graduate, Regan is research chef at Penrose, managing culinary programs and assisting with product commercialization for the group’s operating companies. Working closely with Ashli Blumenfeld, creative director at Penrose, he develops new menus and products. Regan is into jalapeño sausage.

Penrose Group, LLC

Fort Worth, Texas

A private investment company established by the Rosenthal family, Penrose Group has diversified holdings in the public and private equity markets, with a focus on the food manufacturing industry. In addition to Syracuse Food Group (d/b/a Syracuse Sausage Company), past and present investments include Standard Meat Company, CTI Foods, KPR Foods, and others.